Exhibition Overview

Using the dining room as a thematic focus, we are investigating the symbiotic relationship between design and food. We are staging a domestic dining setting at Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood, for three weeks featuring the work of 8 local designers. These designers have diverse practices and make a range of homewares, both decorative and functional.



Our exhibition will open and close with ceremonial dinner parties, the first open to the public and the second for the makers and guests from Melbourne Design Week. The exhibition concludes with a closing party open to the general public on Thursday April 4, 6-9pm


paint a cup

As part of the discussion about the role of the individual and the handmade in design, all visitors to the exhibition will be offered an opportunity to participate by decorating their own ceramic cup which they can collect at the end of the exhibition.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 12.06.42 pm.png


The dining setting will be refreshed after each dinner party and remain open for viewing, alongside ceramics cups for decoration and a film documenting the feast, from 11am – 3pm Monday to Saturday, March 15th - April 4th.