2019 melbourne design week – March 14 - April 4

theme – Design Experiments: How can design shape the future?

In this age of digital hyper-connectivity and increasing social isolation, instead of looking toward future design and technology, our focus is the historic importance of feasting and communal eating for social connectivity.

Referencing the long, intimate history between ceramic design and food; staged ceremonial dinners of locally sourced produce will showcase the ancient technique of baking food encased in clay alongside the contemporary work of six local ceramic designers and one furniture maker.

The Menu

First Course
Stracciatella with Jamon, sun-dried tomatoes & marinated zucchini
Warm Provolone with capers, parsley and lemon

Second Course - Clay baked foods
Beggars Chicken: Lotus leaf wrapped Chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, mushrooms and bacon
Fragrant Fish: Trout wrapped in Fig Leaves, stuffed with kafir lime, curry leaves, ginger and spring onion
Mixed Vegetables: potatoes, corn & cauliflower
Sides: Asian slaw and 3 sauces


Each course will be served with a selection of breads

Wines from Bass Phillip and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.

Here’s a link to our National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Design Week page:

and a direct link to book a spot in one of our dinner parties:

Dinner party dates are:

Friday 15th March - SOLD OUT
Saturday 16th March - SOLD OUT
Friday 22nd March - SOLD OUT
Sunday 31st March - SOLD OUT

While we love kids, the dinner parties are licensed and run til late so they might have more fun coming along to the exhibition which is open 11am - 3pm, Wednesday to Saturday, March 15-April 4th - they can view the exhibition, watch videos and paint their own cup to be collected at the exhibition close.

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first feast

The exhibition

We are staging a series of events and an exhibition at Longdivision Gallery -
March 14 - April 4.


THE designers

The exhibition features the work of Melbourne based designers, find out about them here.